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We’re Relaunching The American Jesus!

April 26, 2011

We are currently in the process of updating  The American Jesus giving it a fresh new look and adding some important features.

So, if you have any problems accessing the site tonight, then please be patient as we make things better than ever.

And a BIG THANKS to everyone that has been following us! We wouldn’t be upgrading things if it wasn’t for YOUR support!


Watch for Second Coming on YouTube

April 26, 2011

Franklin Graham: You’ll see Jesus’ return on Twitter, YouTube

By Cathy Lynn Grossman, USA TODAY

Charge your batteries, folks. You won’t want to miss the Second Coming of Christ, arriving on the clouds, on Twitter or YouTube.

Evangelist Franklin Graham tells ABC’s This Week host Christiane Amanpour:

The Bible says that every eye is going to see (the second coming). How is the whole world going to see (Jesus Christ) all at one time? I don’t know, unless all of a sudden everybody’s taking pictures and it’s on the media worldwide. I don’t know. Social media could have a big part in that…

Everybody’s got their phone up and everybody’s taking recordings and posting it on YouTube and whatever and sending it to you, and it gets shown around the world.”

Maybe this is not a surprising conclusion by the son of Billy Graham, the now-retired world-traveling evangelist who made a global mark using every medium available to spread the Good News.

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Peep Pressure

April 25, 2011

I’m going to be honest.  I have no idea what this video is trying to communicate.  “Peer pressure is dangerous, but hey- maybe use it to invite people to church“?

Regardless, it combines two of my favorite things: 1.) Peeps, and 2.) Seeing what happens when you microwave random stuff.  Enjoy!

“Don’t let the eggs steal Easter!”

April 25, 2011

If you ask me, this video is “eggstremely” awesome.  Particularly, the evil laugh that the “kleptomaniEGG” displays throughout.

Church Sucks

April 25, 2011

In the ongoing shock and awe campaign that is church evangelism, the latest salvo has been launched by a church in Folsom, CA…..

April 24, 2011

The signs around Folsom, Calif., said “Church Sucks,” but the man who put them up said the message behind them is more complex than it seems.

“It’s just inflammatory enough to get attention and yet we have something to say,” Stu Streeter, the man who put them up, told ABC affiliate KXTV in Sacramento.

Streeter is the pastor of Disciples Church, a small storefront in a strip mall, and he said the signs and a newspaper ad campaign that carried the same message were created for people who don’t go to church.

“This campaign for us is just a simple way to call out the elephant in the room and say, ‘Hey, maybe you don’t go to church because you’ll think you’ll be an outsider or you think power will be abused,” Streeter said. “Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.”

In all he put up 200 of the signs around the city, and some he put on trailers that he drove around to get the message out.

The signs advertised the church’s website, which makes the pastor’s perhaps irreverent reverence a bit more clear.

“Church Sucks, sometimes. But we’re not content with that,” the website says. “Jesus didn’t suck, and neither should His church. And you’re invited to help!”

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Check out the website

Maybe it’s just me, but this whole “let’s see how superficially shocking and controversial we can be in order to get people to come to church” thing is getting a bit old. Not to mention a bit unnecessary.

I always found the gospel to be pretty shocking by itself. You’ve got: virgin birth, miracles, casting out demons, “eat of my body and drink of my blood”, “sell everything you have and give it to the poor”, crucifixion, resurrection, and a God that lets His people kill Him in order to save them.

I guess that stuff just isn’t as exciting as it used to be.

Good News Gang – ‘I Love America’

April 22, 2011

We couldn’t get enough of the Good News Gang after seeing the incredible Erik Estrada video yesterday, so we’re bringing you some more.

This time there aren’t any horny elephants (sadly), but there are puppets, a liberty bell, an amazing American flag windbreaker, and more than a healthy dose of Christian patriotism.


Church of No Shame

April 22, 2011

This story isn’t amazing because of what this church is giving away for Easter. There are other churches giving away much more extravagent gifts, including a house.

What is amazing (and by amazing I mean what makes we want to vomit, although I guess I sort of appreciate his honesty) is this church’s “evangelism philosophy.”

Presenting the evangelism philosophy of Crossing Church in Elk River, MN: Having trouble getting people to come to church? No problem. Bribe them!

Seriously. This isn’t me reading into what they’re doing. The pastor says as much himself…….

KARE 11, ELK RIVER, Minn. — The Crossing Church in Elk River has many seats to fill Easter weekend and they have a very unique way of doing it. They are bribing people with 3D televisions and Nintendo 3DS portable video game consoles.

“I have no problem bribing people with crap in order to meet Christ,” Pastor Eric Dykstra said.

The bribes maybe working. While other churches are struggling with attendance Crossing has grown from just 200 people to more 3,000 in just six years.

There is hope their $8,000 giveaway this weekend will bring in more. But Dykstra says the prizes are more than just gimmicks. They are tools to get people in the door.

“It’s awkward to say ‘hey come to my church.’ It just feels weird and you don’t want to twist somebody’s arm so to kind of alleviate some of that weirdness what we’ve done is said hey if you bring your friend to church they might potentially win a 3D television, a 3DS or a 3D movie ticket package,” Dykstra said.

Dykstra expects between 5,000 to 6,000 people to attend their Easter worship service.

[Click here to watch the video and hear from the pastor’s own mouth]

***He may not have a problem bribing people to meet Christ, but Jesus did: “Sell everything you have, give it to the poor, then come and follow me.”

The GUARANTEED Weirdest Clip You Will See Today

April 21, 2011

Apparently The Good News Gang was able to talk Erik Estrada into making an appearance on their show back in the 80s(?). What’s even more incredible is what they got him to do.

Obviously a CHiPS parody was a no-brainer. So they went with LiPS because Peaches the Elephant had a crush on Mr. Estrada.

Since this was for a Christian children’s you might assume that Peaches and Erik would pull over a speeding motorist and help them find Jesus. Well, you would be wrong.

Instead, Peaches the Elephant spends this entire clip dry humping Mr. CHiPS while Estrada just sits back and enjoys the ride.

Jesus Lives in Man’s Shoulder

April 21, 2011

And he’s got the x-ray to prove it!

What’s even more amazing is the fact that CBS News thought that this was a story worth covering.

Brother Jed sings us a song

April 20, 2011

Brother Jed is a somewhat-known street preacher who loves to frequent the universities of our fine country to share the “Good News” with the heathen students.  In an ever-changing culture, it seems that Jed realizes he has to mix up his repertoire to reel in the kids.  So, how does he stay relevant to a generation growing up on High School Musical and Glee?  You sing your message, of course!

Enjoy this Brother Jed Original, “It’s Not OK To Be Gay.”

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