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Save The Date

August 18, 2010

Sure, Jesus may have said that “even the Son of God doesn’t know the hour” that he will return, but that was because He didn’t have a copy of The Bible Code to figure it out with. Thankfully a woman in Colorado does, and through her mathematical and theological genius she has deciphered the exact date that our Lord and Savior is going to return. Apparently, He’s coming back next year. May 11th to be exact. Which is a good thing, I guess, since it means that we get to avoid all that Mayan 2012 apocalypse stuff. The only downside is that Jesus now has egg on His face for not getting His act together sooner and figuring out when He was returning.

Of course, and I’m not sure that there is any historical precedent for this, she could be wrong. If so, what do we do then? Go back and recheck her calculations to see where she forgot to carry a 1? Maybe, while we wait to find out we could look one of Jesus’ parables, that I think is probably a little more appropriate for our fascination with the “end times” than The Bible Code. Its the parable of the talents. What? You’ve never heard Hal Lindsey mention that one before? Well, thats because he’s been busy working on some theological math problems. In the parable, which begins not so coincidently with “therefore stay alert for no man knows the day or the hour”, the master gives 3 of his servants money to use while he’s gone on a journey. The first two guys take there money and double it, but the third guy is so scared of losing it that he hides it in the ground. When the master returns he’s obviously happy with the two guys that doubled their money. Not so much with the guy that buried his in the ground. So what does this have to do with the infamous “end times”? Lots. It is Jesus telling us exactly what we should be doing to “prepare for the end times.” He doesn’t want us sitting around trying to break a secret code that doesn’t exist. He has given us all the ability, or talents, to be His hands and feet so that while He  is away we can be doing the work of the kingdom of God: loving the unlovable, feeding the hungry, giving water to the thirsty, etc.

So, enjoy the video, try not to laugh too hard at the fact that Jerry Jenkins makes you look over his books in order to talk to him, and remember that we have a mission from God to fulfill and it doesn’t involve predicting the end of the world.


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