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Can You Blame Them?

August 21, 2010

Apparently a group of soldiers was punished for not going to a Barlow Girl concert. But, honestly, can you really blame them?

Troops: Skipping Christian concert got us punished

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — The Army said Friday it was investigating a claim that dozens of soldiers who refused to attend a Christian band’s concert at a Virginia military base were banished to their barracks and told to clean them up.

Fort Eustis spokesman Rick Haverinen told The Associated Press he couldn’t comment on the specifics of the investigation. At the Pentagon, Army spokesman Col. Thomas Collins said the military shouldn’t impose religious views on soldiers.

“If something like that were to have happened, it would be contrary to Army policy,” Collins said.

Pvt. Anthony Smith said he and other soldiers felt pressured to attend the May concert while stationed at the Newport News base, home of the Army’s Transportation Corps

“My whole issue was I don’t need to be preached at,” Smith said in a phone interview from Phoenix, where he is stationed with the National Guard. “That’s not what I signed up for.”

Smith, 21, was stationed in Virginia for nearly seven months for helicopter electrician training when the Christian rock group BarlowGirl played as part of the “Commanding General’s Spiritual Fitness Concerts.”

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  1. Josh permalink
    August 21, 2010 2:35 pm

    Not sure which is worse, having to clean the barracks or having to go to a Barlow Girl concert. I wish there was more to the story though, it seems like there has to be some details left out because the article was so vague…

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