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Man Tries To Mace Westboro Baptist Protesters

August 30, 2010

Of course he was arrested since he missed and hit counter-protesters, which leads one to wonder if there are counter-counter-protesters… which may be the plot for Inception 2.

Just in case you don’t know about Westboro Baptist, they are Fred Phelps “church” that goes around picketing soldiers’ funerals while holding signs that say “God hates America” and “God hates fags.”  Charming folks.

Seriously though- what is the Christian response when the idiots of “Christianity” get most of the headlines?   One could brush it off, and assure himself that people know that they are fringe lunatics that don’t represent the whole.  However, the reality is that today religions are being judged by their fringe lunatics, and not from their normal “base.”

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  1. August 30, 2010 2:31 pm

    If nothing else, the man in this picture with the “God hates signs” sign should be given an award

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