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Come for the Free Tickets, Stay for the Potluck!

September 9, 2010

Are your church attendance numbers down?  Trying to find a way to pack the pews?  Fear not, two Minnesota churches have just the answer for you.


According to this article, the Crossing Church (who isn’t being subtle about this on their website)  is giving away Vikings season tickets to a lucky few!  Not to be outdone, The Exchange Church (neither are they) is giving away Twins tickets.   Apparently, the Crossing Church also gave away three cars on Easter Sunday last year.  You’re not going to believe this, but attendance was up last Easter…

The church members raised $10,000 to buy the tickets.  Ten.  Thousand.  Dollars.  For tickets.

You may critique or make fun of these churches, but I will say this:  I would sit through a year of Fred Phelps and Terry Jones’ sermons for a chance to see Brett Favre broken in half by a defense lineman…


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