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Church Tattoo

September 14, 2010

Church Members Get Tattoos For God


ANAHEIM — Members of an Orange County church showed their commitment to the congregation by getting tattoos during Sunday services. City Church of Anaheim is celebrating its first year in operation. Pastor Kyle Steven Bonenberger challenged the group to double its usual attendance of 100 people, which they did. So, to mark the achievement, about a dozen members had the red-heart church logo permanently inked on their bodies. The church is known for its somewhat unconventional practices. The congregation holds Sunday services in a punk rock nightclub and collects offerings in KFC buckets. Bonenberger told worshippers that God “tattooed your name on his heart” and it was time for an everlasting commitment to Him and the church, the O.C. Register reported.

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Is red not really your color? Are hearts too effeminate for you? (cough, Mark Driscoll) Would you prefer something a bit more unique? No worries, the church has options for you.

Important question: If you ever move on to a different church do you have to get this tattoo covered up like you would the name of an ex?

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