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Halloween, Demon Possessed Candy, and You.

September 17, 2010

See that baby up there?  He may look cute, but don’t be fooled- he’s nothing more than a puppet being used by demonic forces.  Don’t believe me?  Just ask Kimberly Daniels, who writes for one of Pat Robertson’s websites.  She wrote an entire manifesto on the satanic practice that is Halloween in this article.  I’m posting her words from the article below, with my commentary interjected in bold italics.

The Danger of Celebrating Halloween

Halloween—October 31—is considered a holiday in the United States. In fact, it rivals Christmas with regard to how widely celebrated it is. Stores that sell only Halloween-related paraphernalia open up a few months before the day and close shortly after it ends. But is Halloween a holiday that Christians should be observing?

I have a feeling that the answer is going to be “no.”

The word “holiday” means “holy day.” But there is nothing holy about Halloween. The root word of Halloween is “hallow,” which means “holy, consecrated and set apart for service.” If this holiday is hallowed, whose service is it set apart for? The answer to that question is very easy—Lucifer’s!

That’s right- just ask any costumed child that night who they are serving… I’m sure “Lucifer” will be their answer.

Lucifer is a part of the demonic godhead. Remember, everything God has, the devil has a counterfeit. Halloween is a counterfeit holy day that is dedicated to celebrating the demonic trinity of : the Luciferian Spirit (the false father); the Antichrist Spirit (the false holy spirit); and the Spirit of Belial (the false son).

Go back and read each sentence of this last paragraph individually.  Every single sentence there is completely made up by Mrs. Daniels to strengthen her point.  Demonic godhead?  The devil has counterfeits of everything God has?  Halloween celebrates the “demonic trinity”?

The key word in discussing Halloween is “dedicated.” It is dedicated to darkness and is an accursed season. During Halloween, time-released curses are always loosed. A time-released curse is a period that has been set aside to release demonic activity and to ensnare souls in great measure.

I hope we get to hear more about “time released curses.”  Can we get a Scripture reference for that?  I’d like to do some more research on my own…

You may ask, “Doesn’t God have more power than the devil?” Yes, but He has given that power to us. If we do not walk in it, we will become the devil’s prey. Witchcraft works through dirty hearts and wrong spirits.

She’s talking in a circle here.  God is more powerful than the devil, and gives that power to you.  But if you don’t walk in his power, the devil will get you.  Doesn’t that mean that Halloween would be safe, so long as you are “walking in his power”?

During this period demons are assigned against those who participate in the rituals and festivities. These demons are automatically drawn to the fetishes that open doors for them to come into the lives of human beings. For example, most of the candy sold during this season has been dedicated and prayed over by witches.

My favorite paragraph of the article- by far.  I like to imagine Satan gathering all the demons in the fiery underworld and handing out assignments.  “Larry, you’ve got a little girl in Sri Lanka this week.  Ted, I need you to sneak into an old lady in Pittsburgh through a violent movie.  The rest of you?  It’s a big week for us, so let’s make sure we possess every child that rings a doorbell tonight.”  I also love the fact that her comment about most candy being prayed over by witches is a throw away line with absolutely no facts or evidence to back it up.  Sounds good though, and just happens to support her narrative.

I do not buy candy during the Halloween season. Curses are sent through the tricks and treats of the innocent whether they get it by going door to door or by purchasing it from the local grocery store. The demons cannot tell the difference.

I imagine the curses getting into the candy, not unlike an evil, chewy nougat center.  If your child MUST have candy this Halloween, just let him eat the outer candy coating.  The evil stuff’s in the middle.

Even the colors of Halloween (orange, brown and dark red) are dedicated. These colors are connected to the fall equinox, which is around the 20th or 21st of September each year and is sometimes called “Mabon.” During this season witches are celebrating the changing of the seasons from summer to fall. They give praise to the gods for the demonic harvest. They pray to the gods of the elements (air, fire, water and earth).

Yep.  The witches celebrated the change of season from summer to fall.  Along with everyone else- including the early church.  In Kimberly’s defense though- those early church people were Catholics and you KNOW they can’t be trusted…

Mother earth is highly celebrated during the fall demonic harvest. Witches praise mother earth by bringing her fruits, nuts and herbs. Demons are loosed during these acts of worship. When nice church folk lay out their pumpkins on the church lawn, fill their baskets with nuts and herbs, and fire up their bonfires, the demons get busy. They have no respect for the church grounds. They respect only the sacrifice and do not care if it comes from believers or non-believers.

I’m going to assume that when she writes “the demons get busy,” that she means it in a non-sexual way.  I would hate for demons to be procreating on my decorative fall displays.

Gathering around bonfires is a common practice in pagan worship. As I remember, the bonfires that I attended during homecoming week when I was in high school were always in the fall. I am amazed at how we ignorantly participate in pagan, occult rituals.

That is weird.  People gathered around large fires…only when it was cold outside?  How blind we have all been!

The gods of harvest that the witches worship during their fall festivals are the Corn King and the Harvest Lord. The devil is too stupid to understand that Jesus is the Lord of the Harvest 365 days a year. But we cannot be ignorant of the devices of the enemy. When we pray, we bind the powers of the strong men that people involved in the occult worship.

Does anyone else think that “Corn King” and “Harvest Lord” sound like delicious cereals?

Halloween is much more than a holiday filled with fun and tricks or treats. It is a time for the gathering of evil that masquerades behind the fictitious characters of Dracula, werewolves, mummies and witches on brooms. The truth is that these demons that have been presented as scary cartoons actually exist. I have prayed for witches who are addicted to drinking blood and howling at the moon.

Just to make sure we’re clear… because you have met psychopaths who buy into the “witch culture,” Draculas, werewolves, and mummies exist?

While the lukewarm and ignorant think of these customs as “just harmless fun,” the vortexes of hell are releasing new assignments against souls. Witches take pride in laughing at the ignorance of natural men (those who ignore the spirit realm).

First of all, “The Vortexes of Hell” would be a really scary movie.  Second, I sincerely appreciate her bringing up the demonic assignments again.

Decorating buildings with Halloween scenes, dressing up for parties, going door-to-door for candy, standing around bonfires and highlighting pumpkin patches are all acts rooted in entertaining familiar spirits. All these activities are demonic and have occult roots.

Technically, Easter does too.  I’ll be looking forward to Mrs. Daniels’ article on why we shouldn’t celebrate zombie Jesus.

The word “occult” means “secret.” The danger of Halloween is not in the scary things we see but in the secret, wicked, cruel activities that go on behind the scenes. These activities include:

Good point.  The danger isn’t in what you do…. it’s in what you DONT do.  Onto the list…

  • Sex with demons
  • Orgies between animals and humans
  • Animal and human sacrifices
  • Sacrificing babies to shed innocent blood
  • Rape and molestation of adults, children and babies
  • Revel nights
  • Conjuring of demons and casting of spells
  • Release of “time-released” curses against the innocent and the ignorant.

I dunno- those things just seem like typical Halloween party activities, amiright?

Another abomination that goes on behind the scenes of Halloween is necromancy, or communication with the dead. Séances and contacting spirit guides are very popular on Halloween, so there is a lot of darkness lurking in the air.

Especially after the sun goes down.

However, Ephesians 1:19-21 speaks of the authority of the believer and the exceeding greatness of God’s power in us (the same power that raised Christ from the dead). It goes on to say that that Jesus is seated in heavenly places far above all principalities, power, might, dominions and every name that is named. The good news is that because we are seated in heavenly places with Jesus, the same demonic activity that is under His feet is under our feet, too!

But, like we said before- just because God is more powerful doesnt mean that…. actually, I dont know why she would keep bringing this up.  It seems to really destroy her whole argument.

People who worship the devil continue to attempt to lift him up. But he has already been cast out and down! Many are blinded to this fact, but the day will come when all will know he has been defeated once and for all.
When we accept Jesus but refuse to renounce Satan and his practices, we are neither hot nor cold but lukewarm—and the Word says that God will spit us out of His mouth. The problem with lukewarm is that it attempts to mix the things of the devil with the things of God. It is God’s desire that we serve Him alone.

I don’t disagree with anything she writes here.  Our disagreement is whether a 3 year old who dresses up as a monkey and asks for candy is inherently satanic.
Second Corinthians 6:15 asks the question, “And what agreement has Christ with Belial?” As believers, we need to answer that question in our hearts. We must avoid the very appearance of evil. I would not want a demon spirit to mistake me for an occult worshiper.

What an awkward conversation that would be!  That’s why I always wear my “Demons, leave me alone!  I’m not an occult worshipper!” t-shirt when I go trick or treating.

There is no doubt in my heart that God is not calling us to replace fall festivals and Halloween activities; rather, He wants us to utterly destroy the deeds of this season. If you or your family members have opened the door to any curses that are released during the demonic fall festivals, renounce them and repent. I already have. Then declare with me: “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!”

As far as demonic curses I let in my house go, this one is pretty delicious.

Read more:

For the record, I have no problem with people having convictions about Halloween.  If you want to keep your kids from participating because you feel strongly about it- then by all means, do what you need to do.  However, to use lies, half-truths, and a complete butchering of church and world history to do it… well, that’s wrong.

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  1. Brother K permalink
    September 17, 2010 9:11 am

    Personally, I love, just LOVE the fact that Charisma presents this juicy lil’ road apple as a “Prophetic Insight”. This year, they’re going to cut to the chase and have “the crazy cat-lady from apartment 4-F” write an article on why her neighbors are all going to Hell for listening to music with drums keeping the beat…

    I asked this question on another blog (with a slightly different context) so if I may repeat myself: Do people actually attempt to live this way? Where every stubbed toe is a demonic hindrance and legions of demon hordes and their human witch and warlock minions are trying to destroy the faithful with curses, hexes, jinxes and spells cast over…candy? Multiple ‘realms’ each with their own gatekeepers and passwords jockeying for cosmic power with the soul of hapless man both prize and object of scorn? Where even the warmth of a fire on a crisp fall night could inadvertently be a summoning call to the forces of darkness ready to consume human souls like so many roasted marshmallows? Really? They actually live their waking hours marinating in such amazing depths of fear? And they want the world to believe they’re…CHRISTIANS?

    Sorry if those questions are stated a bit over-the-top, but I mean, I’m sure even Jack Chick puts his feet up once in awhile, y’know?

  2. September 17, 2010 10:41 am

    Are these witches that pray over the candy seasonal workers or full-time?

    With all the candy out there I’m thinking this might be a great way to “jump start the economy.”

  3. Wes permalink*
    September 17, 2010 11:19 am

    When I told my wife about this yesterday, the first thing she said was “Those witches must be busy.” After all, they do have a LOT of candy to curse.

    Regarding Brother K’s comment/questions… I don’t know. I don’t think I know anyone who is “all in” when it comes to every negative thing in the world being a demonic force at work. It seems to be used more as a crutch when something negative happening doesn’t make sense to us. That shouldn’t happen to that person, so obviously the devil is working on them extra hard. I’ve seen lots of people dip their toes into that thought process, but thankfully none that lived their life in that much fear. Have you?

    • Brother K permalink
      September 17, 2010 2:43 pm

      “Dip their toes”; that’s a good way to put it. I’ve personally run with some hyper-charismatics who talk this way frequently, particularly regarding the various & sundry demonic forces arrayed against the believer. That said, they are prepared to offer the antidote which is usually their own preacher or worship leader or flavor-of-the-month healer/prophet/mandagawd *cough**Bentley**cough* whose special insights into the minutiae of the spirit realm and the protecting angels that can be invoked for protection/blessing/increase. But as I suggest, it’s pretty unlivable, I’ve known these folks to be caught flat-footed when ‘life’ happens. Toes get stubbed and checks bounce, y’know? It’s not Beelzebub’s fault if I can’t watch where I’m walking or have got bad math skills.

      And that’s kind of why I asked the question. Because I can’t believe, given my own experiences mentioned, that Ms. Daniels truly eschews candy for the weeks surrounding Halloween for fear of a “time-released” curse. So who was supposed to be strengthened by this piece? Yet Ms. Daniels wrote the article and presumably someone at Charisma edited it and then published it all for SOME Christian reader’s edification. Are those families I knew, who are already a pretty fear-filled lot supposed to amp it up a notch? Because the way this ‘prophetic insight’ was written, a stray Snickers or Lone Ranger mask is like a spiritual hand grenade so you’d best be on your guard…ETERNALLY!!! lest Nestle’s Coven 53 (Witches have GOT to be Union, yo) fulfill their ‘assignment’ with your SOUL!!!!

      …so much for Psalm 23…

  4. Josh permalink
    September 17, 2010 2:23 pm

    Zack, you can bet Obama is trying to find ways to hire witches full-time as we speak.

    I really like how the demons are too dumb to tell the difference between store candy and trick-or-treat candy and the difference between a Christian and an occult worshipper, but they’re smart enough to trick me and all the other Christians even though we have the power of God who’s stronger than the demons. Demons might be dumb but they’re apparently smarter than me!

    And does any reasonable person believe in witches anymore? I mean, I know that there are Wiccans and all that, whatever, but does anyone really believe they cast curses that actually do anything?

    • Brother K permalink
      September 17, 2010 2:52 pm

      Those curses must work…all that wicked Halloween candy made me gain 15 lbs. last year!

    • September 17, 2010 4:16 pm

      “And does any reasonable person believe in witches anymore? I mean, I know that there are Wiccans and all that, whatever, but does anyone really believe they cast curses that actually do anything?”

      Josh, I think this is clear evidence that the candy demons already posses your soul.

  5. September 18, 2010 2:48 pm

    I think this lady went to me church in Oklahoma and is writing under a false name…

    and God bless the candy witches…because their curses taste oh so good


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