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Fundie Friday part 7

October 8, 2010

It’s finally settled! Evolution is false! Forget science and all its “research” and “facts”, all you need is a jar of peanut butter to prove that evolution is a scam!

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  1. Brother K permalink
    October 8, 2010 1:11 pm

    Wait, wait…I thought Ray Comfort had shown how BANANAS debunked evolution. Just what the church needs: another fracture in the body of Christ! First it was Catholics vs. Protestants and now the Bananians vs. the Jiffites.

    I guess we’ll never know for sure how to successfully unite these diverse doctrines until Jesus & Elvis make us all fried Peanut Butter & Nanner sammiches in heaven…

  2. Grant permalink
    November 2, 2010 5:52 am

    Is it chunky or smooth? Jiff, Peter Pan or some off brand? Organic? These questions must factor into this.


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