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This is How We Do It

November 29, 2010

Do you find yourself driving around in your ’96 Corolla, seat leaned back just a bit, nodding your head to “This is How We Do It” and thinking to yourself: “Man, this song if really touching my soul. I wish Montell Jordan would have the courage to put his Grammy-nominated rap career on hold and become a pastor.”

Well, hold on tight to your seat because your dreams are about to come true….

Montell Jordan Hangs Up Mic for Work as Pastor

ATLANTA — While people were stuffing themselves with turkey and dressing over Thanksgiving, Montell Jordan was coming to peace with a major career change.

For more than a decade he’s been known as the backwards-hat wearing hip hop artist behind the Grammy-nominated, mega-hit “This is How We Do It”.

All that will change after his final concert New Year’s Eve. After that, Jordan says he will only step foot on one stage, the dais of World Victory Church in Norcross.

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