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Fundie Friday- part 24

March 4, 2011

Since mentioning Rob Bell is an easy way to drive website hits up (kind of like typing something like “JESSICA ALBA NAKED” somewhere in your post- see what I did there?), today’s Fundie Friday is dedicated to the deluge of uninformed knee-jerk reactions to a video where Rob Bell asks questions to a camera.  Seriously.  That’s all he did.

Anyways, I cant prove this- but I’m pretty sure the guy in this video is Ray Comfort’s love-child.  He’s even got a similar accent.  The only difference between the two that I can see is that Ray Comfort owns a comb.

Enjoy the video and be impressed that this unkempt young man is is fortunate enough to have all of this theology/Bible/Faith/BooksThatHaven’tBeenReleasedYet stuff figured out at such a young age.

Do yourself a favor and make it to the 7:45 mark when he goes on his “PEACE FROM WHAT?!” rant.

If you are interested in hear part 2 of his critique, you can find it here.

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  1. March 10, 2011 5:26 am

    Typical Christian nonsense. Hearing this kind of rubbish is so annoying that I could only watch about two minutes.

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