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Know Your Mormon History

March 11, 2011

I love Mormons. They make me giggle for so many reasons.

The whole “Are they Christians?” conversation is pretty amusing too. Everyone in “mainline” churches tend to get upset when Mormons claim to be a part of the church. What most people don’t realize is they’re not saying “we’re in this together with you guys!” They’re saying “we are the real church, not you guys.”

Not convinced? Then you need to brush up on your Mormon church history, or as they call it “church history” (because once again they’re the only legitimate church). Everything before Joseph Smith was an abomination which is why God appeared to the clever teenage treasure hunter to “restore” the church.

Fortunately the LDS has put together an “easy to understand” church history video for you! Well, not you. The video is for the holy underwear faithful.

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  1. March 11, 2011 2:05 pm

    I think it is interesting how the “revelations” correspond to outsiders reaction and political correctness…
    ” we got tired of getting our asses kicked for having more than one wife, so some dude got a revelation and said to stop. also, we couldn’t afford any more plural marriages because the ladies got fat and ugly”

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