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St. Paddy’s Day Limericks, Rob Bell Edition

March 17, 2011

While the biggest holiday going on is clearly the first real day of March Madness, we also want to recognize a little known day thatyou may have heard of- St. Patrick’s Day.

We can think of no better way to honor St. Patrick than to provide our readers with some tasty limericks regarding the media flap over Rob Bell.  Enjoy!



There once was a pastor named Piper
Who was so old that he wore adult diapers
He judged others so
Because only he knows
How to rank faith like Mel Kiper


There was a nice heretic named Bell
Whose strange ideas he did tell
Piper said “bye!”
And when rob asked “why?”
He said “you don’t believe in my hell”


A new book that came out is “Love Wins”
Inside it are all kinds of sins
Condemn it to hell
And increase its sales
But soon find it in clearance bins

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